The Knowing


You can see it in the old man’s eyes. There’s no faltering there, no twitch of uncertainty. Zeb calls it, ‘the knowing’. It’s a certainty from God, a soul believer of Truth, there can be no wrong if you truly believe. I sneer at the term, I mean, who can know anything for certain. Zeb says the old man has it, this knowing, he genuinely believes it; there is no doubt, not behind those solid blue eyes. Maybe he’s right; he has no choice, him handling all them poisonous serpents during evening service.

Painting by Mike Handley


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Paul de Denus publishes excerpts from the novels he's never written. This was one of them.

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  • Great work again Paul. Love the reveal at the end.

  • So spooky, and the painting is a perfect choice.  Love this.

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