Paley's Watch

Paley's Watch

Dog and I trace a circular route, twice a day, seven days a week. Today, we walked it counter-clockwise, spinning the hands backwards across a strangely alien face.

Our tick-tock walk slowed to a restful tick… tick… tick, allowing us both to find something new in our reversed symmetry.

A dandelion clock, a snail’s shell, a fern’s reaching fronds, a mallard’s reflection, a fungi’s concertina clockface suggesting more than evolutionary tactics at hand.

Science and theology claim design for their own, using it to build altars at which to bow.

But Nature does not require us to bow… just be present in our own short passage of time.

© Jack Leonard 2021

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Jack Leonard lives in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, with his wife and two daughters where he runs nature-connection services and writing workshops in the great outdoors. He has lived in other places too but mainly inside his own head. Writing is a way of stopping it from getting too crowded in there.

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  • A timely piece- love the connections.

  • "...Nature does not require us to bow..."  Very powerful line in a great piece of writing.

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