I don’t know what a lemming looks like but I ‘know’ it is suicidal.

Certainty is a curious condition. It is navigating a world with a map you have drawn yourself. There are no surprises, just expectations and disappointments and repeat prescriptions of the same twenty four hours over and over again.

Convinced that I am safe, if I just concentrate on the things that I know, I surge forward into the world, I am with the crowd, not against it.

And yet, the feeling that perhaps the map is not the land itself.

And lemmings do not commit suicide, it is a fraud, a dramatic concoction for the silver screen; a Disneyfied lie to distil you and I to mere parts in a play we have not written.

© Jack Leonard 2021

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Jack Leonard lives in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, with his wife and two daughters where he runs nature-connection services and writing workshops in the great outdoors. He has lived in other places too but mainly inside his own head. Writing is a way of stopping it from getting too crowded in there.

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  • So well done.

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