If You Want To Work At Club Arseni


Sonya say new girl bring her own music. I shit-can idea right then and there. My club have three tings my customer want: the tits, the puss, the tall cold ones. I tell Sonya to tell new girl she need only be concern with first two. Leave music to me. I make sure she hev no trouble jiggling.

Sonya tell me some girls not heppy. She say Remma tink the cowgirl outfit silly. She doan know Americans. She will learn. Girl in leather chap and cowboy het a real turn-on. Like a John Wayne.

Club Arseni offer girls who do more den dance. I hev them please customer in private rooms in beck. Rich men, swinger men, all types, fet ones, even cops. As long as not too rough, we can, how you say, accommadate. I tell girls to keep mouth shut about service. In private, dey can open as wide as dey like.

Sonya say Natalia hev problem. She doan like customer touching the titties. “Dey tweek like on/off switch,” she say. “It turn Americans on,” I tell her and laugh at mine own joke. Natalia not laugh. Only stare at me like a man.

Sonya say new girl not work out. She not understand language. There plenty of girls anyway. Plenty Americans. This land of plenty. Ha, I make joke of it.

I bring in Torrey to work behind bar and take out trash. I don’ mind a mick because he quite the useful one, how dey say, a stand-up guy. Other day he remove a couple wogs in cheap flash suits and silly big collar. I don’ want dem in my place. Dey try to steal my girls to work street and Torrey make sure dey doan come beck. He stand dem up, in cheap suits, at bottom of ocean.

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Paul de Denus publishes excerpts from the novels he's never written. This was one of them.

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