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It’s in the eyes; in the posture and the question behind the statement.

Not sure if they’re getting it right… because there is a way to get it right; if only they could figure it out.

They stand, not occupying the space they occupy; not filling it, not feeling it. There but not there; their but not their; they’re but not they’re.

Some may have cultivated an accomplished mask; achievement (over), success (not enough), family (a cocoon) and despite the sheen I see you.

You, who were bullied when you were young; it is still there, that fear that maybe you just weren’t good enough in the first place.


© Jack Leonard 2021

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Jack Leonard lives in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, with his wife and two daughters where he runs nature-connection services and writing workshops in the great outdoors. He has lived in other places too but mainly inside his own head. Writing is a way of stopping it from getting too crowded in there.

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  • Brilliant Jack.

    • Thank you 😊

  • Well done, and well observed.

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