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Toy Story


I saw my neighbor on the street with what looked to be a small plush toy dog nestled next to his foot, its tiny head fluffy and…

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The early afternoon sun burns through the curtain, slow cooks the simmering throb in my head. Reaching past the near empty Jim Beam,…

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I don’t know what a lemming looks like but I ‘know’ it is suicidal.

Certainty is a curious condition. It is navigating a world with a map you have drawn yourself. There…

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The Impact of Everyday Decisions via Six Sentences
by Natalie Sack

If the bullet had hit the fleshy part of his…
Oct 6
The Fast via Six Sentences
by Alex Buckey

Gluttony was still a grave and vaguely goofy…
Oct 5
I Know I Can Do This via Six Sentences
by Daniel Davis

As an emergency room MD who moonlights as a…
Oct 4
Unplugged via Six Sentences
by Helen Carmichael

It was a Monday, and the desk stared back…
Oct 3
Six Sentences 🔴 🟡 🟢 via Twitter
RT @tgabrukiewicz: It's been 10 years since I last wrote a Six Sentence for my friend Rob McEvily's writer's blog @sixsentences. So, I wrot…
Oct 2
Six Sentences 🔴 🟡 🟢 via Twitter
RT @VineLeavesPress: The leaves that fell in September at VLP. This month's issue includes @EclecticaMag, @GoodMenProject, @sheepsheadrev,…
Oct 2
Intensive Care via Six Sentences
by Todd Mercer

It’s a sympathetic quality. And also the…
Oct 2
Six Sentences 🔴 🟡 🟢 via Twitter
Momma made a batch at least once a week... 🍪 "No-Bake Cookies" by Jeff Harvey (@jeffharveysd):
Oct 1
No-Bake Cookies via Six Sentences
by Jeff Harvey

Momma’s address book overflowed with school…
Oct 1
A Taper’s Task via Six Sentences
by Joan Leotta

With my trademark, tapered cylindrical shape, I…
Sep 30
Kooks via Six Sentences
by Michelle Panik

We couldn’t help it; laughing at campers who…
Sep 29
Stolen Bikinis via Six Sentences
by Brad Rose

Last night, I dreamed of lawyers. Hey, I don’t…
Sep 28
Living in the Shadows via Six Sentences
by Kait Leonard

The small rat slithers so quickly up the pole…
Sep 27
Acer Macrophyllum via Six Sentences
by Maurine Pfuhl

It turns out the tree was a Big Leaf Maple.…
Sep 26
Oh, So You're the Quick One via Six Sentences
by Jake Kilroy

Mary came home annoyed. "Gerald, you didn't…
Sep 25
Excellent at Clobbering People via Six Sentences
by Jill Lepore

Wonder Woman isn't only an Amazonian princess with badass…
Sep 24
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Sep 23
Elephant Scabs via Six Sentences
by Phyllis Rittner

We were thirteen, clutching our loose-leaf…
Sep 23
Six Sentences 🔴 🟡 🟢 via Twitter
RT @rufusmctoofus: It's all happening today! Another tiny story from my original crop of three was published today by @sixsentences. This o…
Sep 22
Phantom Child via Six Sentences
by Janet Clare

You know your life has changed forever the…
Sep 22
William Folsomj posted a blog post
Consistently, our perusers pose different inquiries. In my last post, I have clarified about Chime…
Sep 22
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Sep 22
Reminders via Six Sentences
by Ruth Callaghan do Valle

"It's 9:20, Dad. Time for your…
Sep 21
Six Sentences 🔴 🟡 🟢 via Twitter
RT @DianeGotAuthor: Thank you @mcevily for giving "Ragdoll" a home in @sixsentences! It came to life in a @megpokrass workshop. https://t.…
Sep 21
Rag Doll via Six Sentences
by Diane Gottlieb

My dear sister Eleanor, who was twelve years…
Sep 20
Six Sentences 🔴 🟡 🟢 via Twitter
RT @see_dee: 🤩love this story... great opening line👞
Sep 20
Dad via Six Sentences
by Alan Peat

My father was a softly-spoken man. He taught me…
Sep 20
Six Sentences 🔴 🟡 🟢 via Twitter
...we are all the debris of a long ago explosion. 🍷 "Work of the Unemployed" by Howie Good:
Sep 19
Work of the Unemployed via Six Sentences
by Howie Good

I had lost my job breaking in new shoes for men…
Sep 19
Minnesota via Six Sentences
by Sheila E. Murphy

It is fun to say it, why don't you say it…
Sep 18